• Mendocino Coast Children's Fund Back to School Program serves 200 coastal children

    Back to School Program - We want every child to feel like they belong. Every August, we provide more than 200 coastal children the chance to "shop" at our Back to School store.

  • Mendocino Coast Children's Fund provides grants for child art programs

    Grants for the Arts - MCCF provides grants to community artists and school programs to encourage each child's discovery of their inner artist.

  • Mendocino Coast Children's Fund provides resources to help kids participate in many activities

    Activities - We help children participate in sports, camps, field trips, and safe travel to school. We also help with special activity and college application fees.

  • Medical & Health — We provide everything from diapers to help keep newborns dry and clean, to hygiene products for teens, and emergency funds for families with local children hospitalized out of the area.

  • A Helping Hand – We serve youth from Rockport to Gualala and inland to Comptche in Mendocino County, California. We are the safety net for our coastal infants and children.

You Can Make a Difference!

A Helping Hand During the Holidays

From infancy to graduation, local children count on your generosity. 365 days a year we are here for kids, thanks to you. Right now we are gearing up to play Santa in fun and practical ways so that children have the delight of the holiday and their parents have a little less worry.

Here is what one Mom shared with us about how your donations to us make a difference:

All the years that my son was growing up, I was a working single parent and really struggling to get by. When he started school, the Back to School Store helped us. A couple of years later, my son got to go to Camp Mendocino, which over several summers was just life-changing for him. I had no idea of who paid for these, but I was grateful. Over the years, he received a warm sleeping bag, Christmas gifts, a chance to play soccer, school clothes and shoes and, more recently, help with college visits.

Recently, I found out that all this help came from the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund. My son is off to college. I raised him, but it was the Children’s Fund who gave him a childhood.

We have hundreds of wonderful kids who, through no fault of their own, need a helping hand. Please be assured that 100-percent of your donation will be used for the children. MCCF operational expenses are covered by bequests, donor advised funds, grants, and other efforts on the part of the board so that we can keep that promise always.


Donate Today

Donate today, sleep better tonight! One dollar, $3, $5, $10, $50, or $100, or more can make a huge difference in a child's life. It takes a village and we are so glad you are part of ours!



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Make 2015 a year full of promise and hope for local infants, toddlers, children, and teens.

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