Who We Are

Picking out a backpack at our Back to School Store

We are the only grassroots, nonprofit advocate for low income children on the Mendocino Coast. We began in 1992 and are now serving our second generation of children.

Our group wanted children to feel they are supported in the community . . . to send them into the world with a little more support than they would have otherwise, with a little more confidence and self-respect. – Bobby Markels, founder

The Vision of the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund is to support a community in which all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential in life. Our Mission is to provide funding for the unmet needs of infants and children on Mendocino's north coast.

We provide children with essentials and necessities, hopes and dreams, opportunities and activities. We are a safety net, catching children from birth through age 18 who otherwise would fall through the cracks of society's inequities. We provide our life experiences, professional backgrounds, connections to community, and ability to get things done for children in the most beneficial way possible.

We respect the dignity of all children and the privacy of all families, by working in the background to quietly provide needed resources and experiences for children.

Letter from the Board

Winter Warmth, 2016

Dear Community,

Whether you are fortunate enough to vacation here or live here year-round, we want to invite you to join us, your neighbors and coastal community, in an extraordinary effort to make sure that every child living on the Mendocino Coast has the opportunity to thrive. 

From Westport to Gualala (and inland to Comptche), the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund responds to infants and children in crisis. From diapers to diplomas, , we have been saying yes to the  needs and dreams of local children for 24 years.

We are your neighbors and friends, young and old, banding together as community led, non-profit advocacy for our youngest and most vulnerable community members. Teachers, social workers and health professionals up and down the coast turn to us with a need for a child that no one else can fund. We use your generosity and our volunteers to make life kinder for kids who through no fault of their own need a helping hand.

The Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund is all of us! Together, our neighbors, local businesses and agencies create a safety net by joining hands and hearts to catch our youngest community members from slipping through the every larger holes in today’s economic safety net.
When you join the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund, you sleep a little better, smile a whole lot more and feel confident that children are receiving the care and comfort they deserve. From your grocery tokens at Harvest, filling a Change Can for us from the Mendo Lake Credit Union, or your monthly donation through our web site, you make an important difference to a baby who needs diapers and a child who needs a coat. You can help us keep a roof over the head of little ones and provide the difference that changes a crisis into an experience of being loved and supported. Your caring can be a lifeline for a child!

Neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, elder to infant, it takes your compassionate and generous hearts to  make sure no coastal child is sleeping cold or forced to be homeless. As days grow colder and nights grow darker, please help us provide roofs over little heads, warm sleeping bags and jammies, and a bit of sweetness and holiday joy. Children and hard working families who are struggling to get through tough times are so grateful for your help.  We are neighbors. Together, we are the Mendocino Coast! You can help us make a difference, one child and one kindness at a time.

For twenty-four years, our community inspired non-profit has said yes to kids. Please join us today. We need your help and we need it now!  We have a waiting list of children who need our help this holiday!

Please fill the enclosed envelope with as much love as you can afford. One hundred percent of your donations goes to the children. Our small expenses are paid through the generosity of a separate legacy bequest so that every dollar you send goes to the kids.

Warmest Regards,

Zida Borcich, Tracey Coddington, Margaret Fox,
Annie Liner, Heather Bard, and Yadi Sanchez

Board of Directors

Margaret Fox, President
Zida Borcich, Vice-President
Tracey Coddington, Treasurer
Annie Liner, Executive Secretary


Annie Liner, Volunteer Executive Director. E-mail: mccf@mcn.org

Heather Baird, Resource Coordinator,    E-mail, info@mccf.info

Yadi Sanchez, Community Coordinator, E-mail community@mccf.info